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czwartek, marca 17, 2005

Poles more tolerant than French, Germans or Britons?

Poles more tolerant than French, Germans or Britons?

According to Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia in Vienna Poles are among the most tolerant nations in Europe. The Centre recently has conducted a poll within European countries asking people of their attitude to foreigners. Only 14.3 per cent of respondents in Poland were against giving citizen's rights to those immigrants that are staying in the country legally. It was the lowest percentage in Europe of those who are against giving rights to foreigners. For example in Britain 48,5 per cent were against these rights, 40.5 per cent in France, 43.4 in the Netherlands and 51.8 in the West of Germany.
Only 20 % of Poles were against multicultural society in their country and 30 per cent wanted some restrictions toward foreigners. In comparison: in Greece nearly 60 % were against multicultural society and 80 % wanted restrictions towards foreigners.

Does this really mean that Poles are not so xenophobic and racist like they are usually portrayed in the media? Or the other nations are less tolerant because they have social problems with ethnic minorities? In fact in Poland we don't have too many foreigners and social problems with poor immigrants like they have in Western Europe. Maybe that is the reason of Polish openness?

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