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czwartek, marca 24, 2005

Why don't they come?

Why don't they come?

This in from Gazeta Wyborcza

There are four times more Polish students in European universities than foreigners studying in Poland. The question is why foreign students are avoiding our universities? Researchers of the School of Human and Economic Siences in Lodz tried to find the answer on this question. They asked nearly 170 foreign students in Poland on their personal views.

Young foreigners had a good opinion of Polish teachers. They saw professors as well qualified teachers and described the level of education as high. They also said that Poland is a beautiful country and people are very friendly.

This opinion often contradicted what they had heard about Poland before they came to the country. One of Dutch students said before his coming to Poland he was told that the country is boring with unfriendly people.

Students also complained they had received not enough information on university courses. It was difficult for them to find out whether they learn the same programme that they could learn in other European universities.

View: It is not enough when our universities are no worse than others. To have a good PR and to attract more foreign students Polish universities should have much higher level of education than their European rivals. Pure fantasy?


At 24.3.05, Blogger ~JS said...

One of the most irritating aspects of post-graduate study here has been the university library policies -- having to stand in line for books -- give a slip of paper to a librarian and wait for them to bring it to you -- what a waste of time!

At 8.7.05, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

In my university's library you can book a book in internet and go next day to take it. But the queues (lines) are problem, espesially waiting by the rectorat/dziekanat doors are wery long and officeworkers of dziekanat are legendary unhelpfull.


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