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środa, maja 04, 2005

Great Pope, great discussions

Great Pope, great discussions

News Poland
By Wojciech Rogacin

Everyone could expect that this discussion will be full of emotions, sometimes hot and ... unended. This is what it was like exactly during last CF meeting at Bald Penguin pub in Warsaw. The topic of the discussion, animated by Father Robert Szelagowski from one of Warsaw's parishes, was: "Pope John Paul II ­ Prophetic Church Doctor or Traditionalistic Church Doctor?"

Although there were lot of warm tributes and admirations to JPII over the media last month, it was simply not so unequivocal that Poles agreed with "Polish Pope" totally. Samples were seen during the discussion itself. ­ I couldn't agree with Pope's vision of "civilization of death" ­ sounded one of the arguments. The other was quite often declared: ­ Why did he oppose priest's marriages (the celibacy issue)?

The audience had questions

Even Father Robert's explanations did not cut the discussions. According to the presenter, the Pope was part of the great Church's tradition of teaching. It seems that he cared more about the catholic doctrine than the people expectations or admirations.

Coming back to the main question: was he prophetic or traditionalistic? It simply depends on what do you expected from him.

PS. I would like to invite you to discussions on that topic. Whether you've been at Bald Penguin during the meeting or not, you certainly have a lot to add to this topic. Feel free to use this space to say what you think.

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