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środa, czerwca 01, 2005

United in their differences

United in their differences

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By Wojciech Rogacin

The hot atmosphere from Champs Élysées came last evening (May 31st) to Warsaw's Praga. It was thanks to Joanna Kowalska, a presenter at another Consilience Forum meeting at Pasta Café (Kamionkowska str. 48a). Nice quiet area but loud discussion about Poland in the EU and the rejection of the EU constitution by France just two days before.

Joanna started by pointing out that all across the continent there is no real expert on the EU, because the topic is so broad (it covers knowledge from global politics to issues concerning tractors and breeding of pigs) that no one is able to know everything about all of these issues. But she wasn't right. Almost each European can be the expert. Joking? Not at all - you would say if you had a chance to be that evening at Pasta Café – everyone had an opinion on the EU.

The Brits that attended the meeting started from sharp criticism of the EU as an institution. "We are a proud nation and we love to have our Queen on our coins and notes" - said one. "We won't resign from our currency and won't let eurocrats to meddle in our affairs."

Good for them - it's always wonderful when people are proud of their country and culture. But why won't they just say „goodbye” to the Union if it's so bad to their identity or economy? They argued that European nations are so different in terms of culture and mentality that it makes it impossible for the deeper integration of the continent. United States of Europe? Forget it. Britons are totally different from Spanish or Portuguese - they said.

"Well," - as one Spaniard said "there are also differeces existing between people of Louisiana and New Yorkers. But they still are able to live in one country."

I think there is something else that blocks deeper European integration. As French showed during their referendum, and as Brits showed during the CF meeting: people in Europe are just not ready to resign their national rights. One said, "How would it be possible that one guy from... let's say Italy, France, or Luxembourg, could create one foreign policy in the name of all 25 countries? How one guy can represent all Europe?" Impossible, when nations are so divided for example in their attitude to the USA or war in Iraq.

So the French „non” and possible Dutch „nee” to the EU constitution is a cold shower to eurocrats who would like to create Europe strictly according to their dreams.

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