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środa, marca 02, 2005

Spiritual Focus on Poland for World Prayer Day (3/4/2005) - Spiritual Feminism?

Spiritual Focus on Poland for World Prayer Day (3/4/2005) - Spiritual Feminism?

This from the net:
"This year's World Day of Prayer, written by the women of Poland, reflects on the theme Let Our Light Shine. The women of Poland greet all those participating in this service by saying, Szczesc Boze which means, May God Bless You!"

This from SP Journal:
"The idea that millions of women around the world will be praying on the same day with the same thoughts in mind is what Betsy Suehring of Rosholt likes most about the celebration...Suehring is the secretary at Faith Lutheran Church in Rosholt and North New Hope Lutheran Church and she has been going to the World Day of Prayer celebrations for 30 years...

The World Day of Prayer isn't led by a priest, minister or rabbi, but by female laypeople from a range of Christian denominations. Suehring will be one of five women reading prayers and guiding worshippers in songs chosen by Polish women."

More info here

UPDATE [3/9]: Report on Prayer Day

Media coverage of this event will focus attention on social problems in Poland - watch how the mass media handles this...Will the ladies squander this opportunity and do the politically correct thing and pray for the Pope, instead of maybe using the opportunity to highlight social ills?

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