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piątek, listopada 04, 2005

Friday Night Bloxing!

Friday Night Bloxing!

Ladies and Gentleman! Tonight's bout features three unknowns, thus far, in our midst. We welcome your participation on the forum, after the initial blows are exchanged by our participants. The only rules: Keep it clean, and no below the belts.

The issue: The alleged secret prisons in Poland.

The contenders:
1) In the light blue trunks, hailing from Toledo, Ohio - "Two Crackas in My Soup..."

2) In the navy blue and tan trunks, from Portland Oregon - "Secular Front"

3) And finally, in the angelic white robe from the eastern United States, give it up for "A Conservative Blog for Peace"

Let's get it on!

Round One: Ding...

First jab, Two Crackas in My Soup...

First, if the HRW can be trusted (and that has yet to be established), so what if the CIA has terrorists holed up in Poland and Romania? These people are not just enemies of the U.S. They are enemies of all Western culture. If you think they don't like us, wait till we are out of the way and they have a free hand to go at the super-secularist governments in Western Europe. Personally, I feel BETTER now that I know that al Qaida thugs are being stuck in small, dank, filthy cubicles in Poland, rather than trying to infiltrate the U.S. to kill our citizens or Iraq, to fight our troops.

Contender #1

Secular Front responds with an uppercut:

Turns out Europe is not so sanguine about having secret detention camps on its soil. Rumors that CIA gulags have been established in Poland and Romania have endangered those countries' status in Europe. Although proudly touted as the stalwart new Europe by Rumsfeld, Poland and Romania are now scrambling to deny any connection with the secret detention program.

Contender #2

Out of nowhere comes a third unknown, A Conservative Blog for Peace, wait a minute, an unorthodox move in Bloxing, but it might just work:

CIA prisons in Poland, Romania
Lord, in thy mercy: hear our prayer

Contender #3

Ding!...Round One ends, the opponents seem evenly matched, but time will tell...let's go ringside now...

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