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czwartek, marca 03, 2005

Poczta Polska's monopoly on delivering letters is broken

Poczta Polska's monopoly on delivering letters is broken

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In from Warsaw Business Journal:
"Poczta Polska's monopoly on delivering letters and parcels weighing less than 2 kilograms was broken yesterday by a court ruling."

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This ruling will now allow US company UPS to deliver packages under 2 kilos. Here comes another multi-national into the Polish market. Do you think this is a good verdict? UPS has an excellent reputation in the States. The fact that the court ruled this way could open up the market to more carriers. Is this a good idea? What's your view of the Polish mail system? My only gripe is that I wish they looked like postal carriers -- in the States, you can clearly identify the mail carrier and it's kinda nice to see them in their uniforms and driving their postal trucks/vans.

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