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czwartek, sierpnia 25, 2005

PolBloglet: Lech, the Family Man

PolBloglet: Lech, the Family Man

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With elections a month away (or less), political billboards in Warsaw are in bloom. Here is one we caught in town. The design is quite different from the standard boilerplate potrait styles. Double-click to get a better look, we translated the Polish slogan into the English caption below the photo. Notice the ever so vogue orange color and the soccer ball (Europe's paradigmatic sport), and of course the men as bookends - nice traditional family.

"Family, Fairness, Future"

A bolierplate political portrait poster -
It says "With Hope into the Future"
But perhaps "Back to the Future?"

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At 26.8.05, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

not so good in terms of graphics design...
the idea IS different (although connects to age old cliches)
that guy won't get my wote anyway

At 26.8.05, Blogger beatroot said...

But there are quite a few people in Poland who will vote for this bigot. But he will get stuck around 20-25% whatever happens.

amd what is it with the colour orange? Orange revolutions, orange Jewish settlers...the Vatican...?

In the eighties in Poland there was an Orange Alternative in Torun led by the Major.

At 27.8.05, Blogger Rostkowianka said...

write something about the other poster example you're giving, or people will think that you're actually mistaking these guys

that's a lousy one btw (poster. candidate is lousy too, but that's a separate story) these colors make the man's face look sickly. the one they putting out now is much better, actually has quite a nice graphics: the modernised variation of their logo's eagle


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