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czwartek, września 01, 2005

Virtual Solidarity in Poland

Virtual Solidarity in Poland

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from esolidarity.com

Lech Walesa invited over 100 world media editorial staffs to reflect on the future of the world. He asked them to pose questions on behalf of the cultures they represent regarding the crucial problems of the modern day.

To read and respond to the questions, go to E-Solidarity

View: Cognitariats Unite! Nice try. Is Walesa testing the waters for a broader, pan-European e-campaign? Is he trying to modernize his image to appeal to a younger generation? This could be the pre-text he needs to move onto the world (or EU) stage as a 'player' in diplomatic affairs. From the MSM in Poland, he isn't too interested in a domestic job in politics anyway. The site itself (at least the English language version) wasn't too impressive, only four questions (is this all 100+ organizations could muster?), and they could have proofed the text better. I was also unsure as to how the informaton they requested at the end of the survey would be used -- it seemed like a quasi-marketing cover.

Which leads into an irony here...How many, and who, can actually voice their concerns about the so-called global issues Walesa is interested in discussing? How many people in Poland can participate in this online project anyway? According to the latest statistics between 27-29% of Poles use the Internet (in contrast to a 47% average in the EU as a whole) with over 75% under the age of 25. In a very real sense, Walesa is bypassing Poland here, he's going global. And bypassing not only Poland, but most of humanity, since just 13-15% (or between 900-915 million) of the world's populace has access to the Internet. Again, those most effected by global problems are least able to voice their views. Again, we speak for them.

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