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wtorek, grudnia 06, 2005

PolBloglet: Poland in Top 20 Countries with Internet Users

PolBloglet: Poland in Top 20 Countries with Internet Users

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Poland has witnessed a 278% increase in Internet user growth between 2000 and 2005, with the total number of Internauts as of March 2005 at 10.6 million (or almost 28% of Poland's population). As for its penetration rate, Poland is well below the Top 30 countries (Malta with the highest at 78%, USA at #7 with 68% and #30 is Estonia at almost 50%). Though it's above the world average of 15%, with 28%.

Poland ranks #19 in Internet Users

Surprisingly (to me), Poland is listed as 19th of the top 20 countries (in the world) with the most Internet users. This is quite impressive when you consider the economic climate in Poland. According to Internet World Stats:

[C]ertain market structure and cultural barriers to consumer development of the Internet still exist. In Warsaw, one does not see the Internet cafes or price competition for telephone access that can be seen in European cities such as London, where telecommunications has been liberalized. Many people in Poland lack confidence that credit card information can be protected on the Internet. As yet there is no high-speed Internet access, such as digital subscriber lines (DSL) for consumers. And at a cost of $500 to $1,000, computers are still expensive for many individual households.

With such explosive growth recorded in just 5 years, Poland is poised to become a potential Internet intermediary in the region between emerging democracies and democracies on the precipice. There are no stats on either Ukraine or Belarus. As the number of Internet users continues to increase in Poland, there could be a domino effect -- information and dialogue will find its way into countries throughout the region, with Poland playing a key role.

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