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niedziela, lipca 16, 2006

PolBlog's Talk Back Attack: Poles - Should they stay or should they grow?

PolBlog's Talk Back Attack: Poles - Should they stay or should they grow?

Not a stranger to firsts when it comes to blogging in Poland, PolBlog is unsure as to the reception of its latest foray. Audio-commenting, as we call it, adds another dimension to blogging -- think of it as audio SMS. It puts a voice to the text.

To listen to the first Talk Back Attack scroll down looking in the right column for a text box called "Talk Back." Simply click (once) on the username and listen. A Java applet will need to run if you want to talk back (record a message), we hope it's not a problem (sorry, we had no control over this).

So, back to the question posed...

While Poles working abroad are now what one could call economic refugees, in the nearest future they may very well be followed by their diseffected brethren, the political refugees. How to put a brake on it? Oddly enough, there won't be any religious refugees as Poland stands to become a country of unemployed, educationally undistinguished (and indistinguishable), Catholic zealots.

Perhaps a middle way is possible, India has prototyped it for the world, it goes by the name e-outsourcing (according to PolBlog). Poles might not have to leave mother Polska afterall -- telecommunting expanded across EU borders might just allow talented Poles to work abroad from home.

And this time, DO talk back.

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