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poniedziałek, marca 07, 2005

80 percent of Polish roads fail to meet EU standards

80 percent of Polish roads fail to meet EU standards

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In from WBJ:

"The appalling state of Poland's roads is infamous across Europe. For those who journey outside Warsaw, a simple meeting can turn into a transport trial. Even in the capital, the risk of losing a wheel in the chasm-like post-winter cracks can turn into a daily trauma. But the consequences of the pitiful road network go far beyond a simple question of comfort. The fatality rate per capita on Poland's roads is nearly double the level in neighboring Germany, and while deaths fell in the 15 old EU countries by 10 percent, the figures in Poland show no sign of a dramatic decrease."

"Some 88 percent of our roads are local and regional, and of the remaining 12 percent only four percent comply with EU norms. We have one of the worst, if not the worst road networks in the EU," says Vice-Minister of Infrastructure Ryszard Kurylczyk."

"Regulations providing guidelines for public-private partnerships (PPP) are being discussed in the parliament, but Jan Rokita, the leader of Civic Platform and widely regarded as the Prime Minister in waiting, is skeptical: 'The PPP is a matter of know-how and not legislation.' He announced that his party would increase the effectiveness of private and public cooperatives."

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On the road to nowhere?

On the road to nowhere Posted by Hello

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