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niedziela, marca 06, 2005

Katyn: Poland recalls 1940 massacre

Katyn: Poland recalls 1940 massacre

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This in from Philadelphia Inquirer:
"Poles yesterday attended a Mass, sang patriotic songs, and lay flowers on a monument to more than 21,000 military officers and intellectuals massacred by Soviet agents in Katyn Forest, marking the day 65 years ago that dictator Joseph Stalin ordered the killings."

"A recent Russian investigation failed to produce any new names of surviving perpetrators among the secret police force that carried out the killing, largely by shots to the back of the head, over several nights."

"We are calling on the authorities of the Russian Federation to reveal the names of those who were responsible for the genocide in the spring of 1940," said Stefan Melak, the head of the group. "We are calling on Russian authorities to accept this crime as genocide."

UPDATE [3/11/2005]: More news - Russia says WW2 executions of Poles not genocide

LATEST UPDATE [3/12/05]:
Russia to hand over Katyn files to Poland

Better late than never? Russia should follow Germany's lead (regarding its WWII history) here and confess and publicly acknowledge this part of history (even though it was done under the USSR). Maybe Russia is worried that a flood of claims will ensue, notably from Chechnya. But let's not hold Russia to a standard that doesn't reflect reality. For example, taking responsibility for slavery (not to mention relations with Native Americans) is still a touchy topic in the USA, and that wasn't 60 years ago, but over 150.

But all is not dark and without redemption, Poles also honored a Russian for liberating a death camp - Auschwitz liberator honored by Poland

Developing story, has Russia been demonized by history? -- in from Scotsman.com News:

The role the Soviet Army played in liberating Europe from the Nazis was deliberately played down in the postwar years as well as during the Second World War. This could be seen in the delayed opening of the Second Front, in inconsistent and often superficial coverage of the events on the Eastern, or Soviet front.

'Our allies, particularly, Great Britain and Churchill personally, sought to show that the main role in the victory belonged to them alone, and to Britain in particular. '

People tend to forget, for example, that Soviet soldiers liberated Auschwitz. You remember how the Allies bombed the Third Reich territories? They virtually razed Dresden to the ground. Why didn't they drop bombs on the railway leading to Auschwitz, knowing that people were being sent to Auschwitz along that particular railway to be killed?

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At 6.3.05, Blogger Bobby said...

Hi, I read your last post. I must say I had always suspected thier were many atrocities around the rise of the Soviet Union but I really never knew the specifics. Thanks for using your blog to better inform the word. I will aspire to do the same.

At 6.3.05, Blogger ~JS said...

Thanks, and I don't think 'around the rise' is the most accurate phrase here. USSR was around at least by the 1930's...


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