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piątek, marca 04, 2005

Poland Supports Plans for European University in Ukraine

Poland Supports Plans for European University in Ukraine

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Reported from Radio Polonia:
"Heads of Polish and German diplomacies Adam Rotfeld and Joschka Fischer, respectively, have announced at a joint press conference in Warsaw that they will pay a visit to Kiev on March 21st . The aim of their trip is to manifest support for Ukraine in overcoming its first obstacles following the victory of the Orange Revolution there."

"The two countries are also hoping for a quick establishment of a European University in Ukraine." For more, click here

This also in from The National Radio Company of Ukraine:
Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko meets in Kyiv with her visiting Polish opposite number, Marek Belka

"Today nothing prevents Ukraine from operating the Odesa-Brody oil pipeline in the direct mode"[Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine PM]

"[T]he Ukrainian Prime Minister stressed, Ukrainian-Polish partnership has reached beyond diplomatic relations. Now, she said, these relations are like familial bounds".

For more, click here

"Poland, although now an EU state, relies on Russian oil imports to function. A proposed pipeline from Ukraine could change that."

It's not slouching toward the East, it's big, bold, and strategic swaggering by Poland and Germany. A European University in Ukraine? Ukrainian-Polish partnership now called a familial bond by the Ukraine PM...bold gestures toward the West. On the one hand a European University so close to Russia, on the other hand pointing the relationship West with a likening to family.


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