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wtorek, marca 15, 2005

Supersize P r o s z ę! - Obesity Epidemic among schoolchildren in Poland

Supersize P r o s z ę! - Obesity Epidemic among schoolchildren in Poland

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Just in from EUobserver.com:

The number of overweight schoolchildren in Europe is rising at an alarming rate, adding to an already critical obesity problem, according to figures released on Tuesday (15 March) by the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF).

The survey shows that the number of overweight schoolchildren is rising by 400,000 per year, joining the already 14 million overweight people in the EU.

The EU's health commissioner, Markos Kyprianou, has described the situation as "an obesity epidemic".

Although the number of obese people in Europe has been rising for many years, the rate of increase amongst children is especially alarming - with Poland and the UK seeing the sharpest increases.

Amongst adults in Europe, obesity rates range from 10 -27 percent in men and up to 38 percent in women. The corresponding figures in the US stand at 28 percent for men and 34 percent in women.

But some countries - Finland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Malta - have already surpassed the overweight rates in the US.

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I hear alot about the 'evil-3' -- McDonald's/KFC/Pizza Hut in Warsaw...but is the increase in obesity in Poland the fault of fast food? Or is fast food a symptom (or scapegoat) of what's happening in a larger sense in Poland. The modern 'go-go' culture of double income families can be observed by looking at what goes into the lunches of children nowadays. I have noticed a few chunksters in the city...but it's hard to tell if they are Polish or not.

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