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środa, marca 09, 2005

close the doors to dialogue

close the doors to dialogue

From poland.pl news:
News from Poland: ''Killing Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov by Russian security forces was a political mistake', claims Poland's foreign minister Adam Rotfeld. "

"Maskhadov was the only partner for Russia, with whom a ceasefire and peace in Chechnya could be negotiated" - said the head of the polish diplomacy, suggesting even a deliberate attempt by Moscow to eliminate dialogue as an option, by eliminating the most credible Chechen leader.

Aslan Maskhadow, 53, was born on Sept. 21, 1951, in Kazakhstan, where Stalin had ordered the deportation of most of the Chechen population during World War II. He served most of his life in the Soviet Army, rising to the rank of colonel. After Chechnya declared its independence in 1991, he became commander of the unrecognized country's army. He remained military leader during the first Chechen war, from 1994 to 1996, when he commanded a daring assault to retake Grozny from Russian troops. After a peace was negotiated by Russian President Boris Yeltsin, in a short term of de facto independence, (Jan. 1997) Aslan Maskhadow was elected president. Unable to deal with crime and growing muslim extremism, he tried to regain his countrymen support by conducting military actions outside the country. This decision gave Russia reason for the second offensive. Still a leader of the rebel fighters, Maskhadow was gradually losing influence to the commanders openly using terrorist tactics. Still he was seen by some observers as a posible partner in a peace negotiations - if any negotiations would be ever considered by Russian authorities.

For more comments at current situation, read here.

UPDATE [3/10]- A Russian blog with good info on this topic...


At 10.3.05, Blogger Wojciech said...

I agree with Adam Rotfels's opinion. That is what Russian authorities did many wrong things to cut all posibilities to dialog with Chechens.


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