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wtorek, marca 08, 2005

In the end, Poland backs software patent law

In the end, Poland backs software patent law

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In from International Herald Tribune:

"Ministers from European Union nations agreed Monday to support a contentious proposal for a law on software patents, even though the European Parliament recently called for the draft to be scrapped."

"A majority of parliamentarians, as well as many software developers and legal experts, said they believed the text signed by ministers Monday had too many loopholes and would make it too easy to patent pure software, as opposed to software integrated into a machine like a mobile phone or a medical device. Both sides in the debate agree that pure software should not be patentable."

"Poland had to support the text against its will because it agreed informally to do so at a meeting shortly after its arrival in the Union last year."

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UPDATE: EU ministers give finger to patent law refuseniks

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Software patent directive officially approved
"The directive will now be passed to European Parliament, which can reject or amend the proposal, for a second reading."

"The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) accused the EU Council of ignoring the views of both the national parliament that spoke out against the directive and the European Parliament, which demanded that the directive be restarted."

"This is a very sad day for democracy and casts a very dark shadow over the European Constitution, which will give the Council even more power," said the FFII in a statement."

"Mueller agreed that the Council's decision was 'undemocratic'. He said that getting the Parliament to reject or amend the proposal could be difficult."

"The hurdle is very high as we need an absolute majority of every member of parliament, which means 367 MEPs for every amendment to the directive," said Mueller.

If Ministers needn't heed Parliament then what can be said of the citizens who voted for those people in Parliament? Some say that patent law chills innovation

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