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niedziela, marca 13, 2005

Watch what you drink - Death of an Expat in Poland

Watch what you drink - Death of an Expat in Poland

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This in from Poland Monthly:

Cooperating with a Polish television journalist, TVN’s Jarek Jabrzyk and Dutch freelance journalist Ekke Overbeek, Poland Monthly was able to uncover the facts behind the activities of a Warsaw crime ring, which was actively drugging expatriate businessmen for cash late in 2002 and in the spring of 2003.

Lorazepam is not the only drug used to knock out unsuspecting victims, but it is one of the hardest to reveal in chemical tests. Similar drugs, known as “date-rape drugs” after a series of women fell victim to predatory men in the US, have been used in other countries to render a person unconscious in order to commit a crime. One victim contacted by Poland Monthly, Richard S. (name changed), told Poland Monthly that he was unconscious for more than 20 hours.

When queried by Poland Monthly, two Kraków prostitutes told of women drugging Polish victims in escort agencies, and police sources confirmed that such incidents are not as isolated as they may seem. Mike G., who said that out of fear he will never return to Poland, not even to cooperate with police, put it more bluntly.

'They say it is only eight cases, but it is probably 80,' he said. 'Poland does not want anyone to know about this—Polish authorities do not want people to know that it is not safe for businessmen, which is why they haven’t informed anyone about it.'

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