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niedziela, września 04, 2005

PolBlogcast: Warsaw and the Broken Window Theory

PolBlogcast: Warsaw and the Broken Window Theory

Another PolBlogcast

"If a window is broken and left unrepaired, people
walking by will conclude that no one cares and no one is in charge

Our current PolBlogcast explores the state of general disrepair we find among many buildings and neighborhoods in Warsaw.

Local Hospital in Poor Health

Not even good graffiti

"The essence of 'broken windows' is that neighborhood disorder -- physical decay, such as graffiti, litter, and dilapidation; and minor misconduct,such as public drinking and vagrancy -- will, if left unchecked, signal potential miscreants that no one is watching."

We look beyond simply windows, encompassing all signs of social apathy, asking whether what we observe are symptoms or crucial preconditions for criminal activity in Warsaw neighborhoods.

Residents try to cheer the place up

A tragedy waiting to happen?

What are the psychological costs? Is the community really powerless to get rid of eyesores like this. What happens to property values?

Local eye sore

Anybody home? Maybe Herman or Uncle Fester?

PolBlog invites your reactions and personal experiences with this topic -- post your comments below. We will read and respond to them on a follow-up PolBlogcast. Is an "ounce of prevention really worth a pound of cure?"

This pedestrian bridge crosses
to one of the higher-end shopping
malls in Warsaw "Promenada" --
It's essentially a rusting hulk.

The same bridge looking at the mall
entrance - "Broken Bridge" theory.

"Going downhill fast" -
Steps on the same bridge
(click on image for detail)

Listen to the PolBlogcast here (9 minutes):

*Editor's Note: This site looks at brokenness in general and how it influences crime.

**Editor's Note: Wikipedia has an entry on the "Broken Window Theory"

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