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wtorek, lutego 13, 2007

What's Shaking in Poland's Blogosphere

What's Shaking in Poland's Blogosphere

A rare bit of snow this winter brings families out for fun. (Warsaw)
Photo by Embe at warsawdaily

A week of intermittent snowfall broke a dry spell, drawing kids outdoors for some winter games. It will be a short-lived affair as the winter has been a let-down for some with warmer temperatures and, as Our Man in Gdansk suggests, indoor games are sure to be in fashion soon. One such game is a perennial favorite but with a twist from Poland, get your chips out for "Health Care Bingo."

Here I present a cut-out-and-paste version of office bingo to help you while away the hours of talking heads talking about why the Polish health service is in a jock. You have to choose just three of the following commonly proferred explanations of why the Polish health service is in a jock.

What happens when local authorities get to plan, but not pay for a highway to connect Helsinki and Warsaw? BINGO! An offer they can't refuse plus irreversible damage to numerous forests. But when the chips are down, bloggers become clicktivists. Varpho has set up a petition and encourages all to take action now:

By signing the list below you are protesting against routing Via Baltica through unique nature areas, such as the Augustów Forest along with the Rospuda River Valley, the Biebrza National Park and the Knyszyn Forest, and thus you are expressing your disapproval for the Białystok option of this road.

One refused offer however was greeted by collective sighs of relief by bloggers as a former Polish PM declined a top post at one of Poland's largest banks. Interestingly, the decision was announced on the former politican's personal blog (in Polish). According to Polish Matters, the news couldn't come soon enough as the whole idea seemed, literally, wrong-headed:

It's enough to say that Marcinkiewicz, a high school Physics teacher before his 9-month stint as Polish prime minister last year, had no experience in either banking or management.

Hold on though, experience doesn't always lead to wise decisions, according to the beatroot. Not only appearing wrong-headed, but donning a bad hair day icon, a Polish mayor decided to proclaim an alcohol curfew in one of Poland's hottest tourist spots.

You expect this kind of thing from the British, but a Pole banning drinking? Is the mayor of Sopot limbering up for a career in Brussels, perhaps?

Warsaw not to worry, boo provides some blogging about sans-curfew and trendy night spots, complete with a token communist pub, endearingly called The Red Pig. I wonder, do they serve Red Bull?

Staying with the educational angle, although a little textual bull, or embellishment, might implicate itself here, The Real Warsaw provides a post and response on life in Poland, by a USA student and an ex-pat resident of Poland. Watch this thread as opinions are exaggerated on both sides. Highlight for me: Buy real estate in Poland right now!

That’s the Poland blogopshere update! Until next time - Do widzenia i powodzenia!

This post was originally written for the Global Voices site.


Welcome to "Afterthoughts: Because thought should come before you blog!"

1) Our Man in Gdansk has missed the boat in the post we note above. Poles aren't so cheap as to be selfish about who should get care or not. In my discussion with Poles, they are very concerned about the prospect of many people losing out on adequate health care. Where did you get your info?

2) The Real Warsaw needs to get real! The comments about Poland are simply too rosy and do nothing to help the interested student to realistically understand everyday life in Poland. Will this student really be prepared to live in Poland after reading your Disney-esque piece on Poland?

3) Hey beatroot! Do you really give a shake about the actual sanity and safety of the community you implicitly mock in your post about Sopot's mayor?

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