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niedziela, marca 20, 2005

Poland hosts Anti-Terror Conference

Poland hosts Anti-Terror Conference

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In from Daily Times:

Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski warned Council of Europe member states on Friday against paralysing democracy in the fight against organised crime and terrorism.

'We must be careful to avoid that the fight against terrorism and organised crime do not paralyse the smooth functioning of a normal democratic society. We must not lose what constitutes the basis of a democratic society,' said Kwasniewski, whose country has chaired the Council’s Committee of Ministers since November.

...he stressed that any moves to clamp down on organised crime and terrorism must be taken with respect for individual freedoms.

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This is a very important dialogue going on -- balancing security and freedom within the context of encouraging cooperation among EU states. Interestingly, the Polish president also mentioned Beslan.

More than 340 people died, half of them children, when a standoff between law enforcement authorities and hostage-takers who had herded more than 1,000 students and teachers into a school in the southern Russian town of Beslan last September ended in a chaotic shootout.

It's hard to tell if the Polish president was only condemning the terrorists in the Beslan tradgedy, or Russian authorities also. How does the Russia-Chechnya conflict fit into this dialogue? In other news, Poland makes a bold gesture that might have serious political repercussions with Russia.

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