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piątek, września 23, 2005

Only in Poland

Only in Poland

Another Only in Poland Blogbyte

A Norwegian man won EUR 22,000 in compensation from an international court after Polish courts took four years to return his children to him when his ex-wife broke their Norwegian custody agreement and returned with the kids to Poland.

Events kicked off in 1998 after a separation that followed a period of mental illness for the man’s wife. He was given custody,but on their first visit, the woman took their six-year-old boy and four-year-old girl and returned to her family in Poland.

Under European law, in such circumstances Poland is obliged to return kids to the parent who has custody within months, and if necessary, take steps to put the kids in care until the parent can pick them up. A series of foul-ups by courts and investigators, either accidental or deliberate, meant this case dragged on until April 2003

Source: New Warsaw Express

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