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piątek, września 09, 2005

PolBlogcast: The Junk Juggernaut in Warsaw

PolBlogcast: The Junk Juggernaut in Warsaw

Another PolBlogcast

One man's junk is another man's...well, junk too.

In our current PolBlogcast we look at the so-called 'junkification' of Warsaw sidewalks by a growing tide of peddlers. Selling household items from a-z, these sidewalk merchants seem to take a diversity of forms-- retirees, parents overloaded with junk, individuals involved in a larger merchandizing ring. But they all appear to share a common denominator -- they are all poor. The majority of photos are of the sidewalks around Rondo Wiatraczna.

Yard sale gone public

A 'haggling' merchant of Wiatraczna

We have seen toys, pipes, stuffed animals, even used vcr tapes, and old DOS software disks. It's both funny and sad. Are these people really desperately poor or are they just unloading their junk (possibly from dumpster diving) to see if someone will snatch it up? Whatever the reality, the truth is that it's clearly illegal and an eye sore for the neighborhood.

At Szembeka corner, a junk-strewn curb

Branching out

We invite your comments about this issue. What should be done? Is this just something that we should tolerate, afterall at least this stuff isn't clogging up the landfills? And who knows, there might be that hidden treasure to be discovered? Maybe these people would do better to get on eBay, or the Polish version called Allegro? Maybe all they need is a microloan?

What's your opinion?

the goods...

At least the 'green grocers' use tables,
and the veggies and fruits are fresh.

Listen to the PolBlogcast (9 minutes)

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