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środa, września 14, 2005

Gdzie to jest? / Where is it?

Gdzie to jest? / Where is it?

And the winner is:
rina papadopulu
who was first to correctly identyfy the location.

Also congratulations to Aleksandra & Ivana, who named the objects portrayed: "Gruba Kaska" & the "Blue Skyscraper" building


The top of "Gruba Kaska" and the wall of the Blue Skyscraper in the background

Taken at Plac Bankowy, towards Solidarności ave. (at the tram stop)
Guess where - in Warsaw - were these photos taken...

Use the "comment" feature to publish your answer.

The first correct one will be displayed as a caption, together with author's e-name: glory to the winner! Please include the country/city/district you are writing from....

You have one week.

The photo in the second edition of our contest was a close-up of Kolumna Zygmunta (Plac Zamkowy, Old Town).

BEFORE: King Sigi on his perch, identified correctly by aawil

AFTER: Look familiar now?

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At 16.9.05, Anonymous Rina Papadopulu said...

Na Placu Bankowym, ze strony Aleji Solidarności (tam gdzie są przystanki komunikacji miejskiej).

At 16.9.05, Anonymous Aleksandra said...

It's called Gruba Kaska... Al. Solidarnosci

At 16.9.05, Blogger Ivana said...

It is called Gruba Kaska. It is lacated opposite Blue Sky-scraper on The Bankowy Squere


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