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niedziela, września 25, 2005

PolBlogcast: Is Virtual Solidarity Enough?

PolBlogcast: Is Virtual Solidarity Enough?

Another PolBlogcast

In our current PolBlogcast we look at the latest public initiative of former Polish President, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Solidarity Icon, Lech Wałęsa. Interestingly, this is a cyber-initiative called "E-Solidarity." E-solidarity promotes itself as:

[A] place of dialogue between different cultures.

We want to get to know each other in order to work together effectively.
We want to have a say in the future of ourselves and the world.
We want to use our joint wisdom, various experiences, different points of view and different ideas in order to eliminate threats to civilisation.

The future of humankind is not only the concern of politicians, businesspeople and scientists.
The future of humankind is our common challenge.

Sounds idyllic doesn't it? In our PolBlogcast we take a closer look at the project. Where is the founder to be seen on the site? Why is the contact e-mail addressed to the marketing department?

Below are the initial questions and answers from the site:

1. Do you think that there are places on Earth where civilization is at such a high level of development that it is possible only to refine it and not qualitatively change it for the better?
A. Yes, there are countries/societies which have reached the ultimate stage of development. Others will sooner or later reach the same stage.
B. Yes, there are such places on Earth but others will never catch up to them (although they would very much want to), because they will never have the means and the capabilities that developed countries have.
C. No, civilization will never reach such a stage of ultimate perfection as it is a dynamic phenomenon and, although we do not know now what awaits us in the future, given the history of the world so far we can expect changes to take place.
D. No, because there is no one civilizational solution and different world regions can develop in different directions according to different principles, arriving at increasingly better (i.e. more effective) forms of society.

Most believe that we haven't reached the end of history.

2. The community of free people. When will such a epithet of the world be more than a concept?
A. already in our generation
B. towards the end of the 21st century
C. in the indeterminable future
D. never

Respondents were a bit pessimistic.

3. Do you consider human rights, economic progress and fight against terros to be mutually exclusive?
A. Yes. Each of the above can be achieved only with full use of country's resources, but there aren't enough resources for all three
B. No. Despite difficulties we must strive to achieve all three
C. Each of the above can only be achieved through the other two (i.e.: fight agains terror can only be won by pursuing human rights and economic progress

Most believed that the problems are connected.

Source: LBC RADIO & HEART 106.2
4. How can the dual issues of poverty and lack of education be tackled for the majority of the world's people?
A. by the tax for these purposes
B. by the goodwill people individual help
C. by the determined promotion of the global education
D. by the expansion of the high- developed countries’ help missions

The burden falls upon the richer countires.

E-Solidarity is available in 5 European languages -- nice gesture, but what about the other 90+% of humanity (perhaps Asian and Middle Eastern languages, and no Russian, ooops!?). AS always we invite your comments, and ideas for future PolBlogcasts. What would you like to hear?

Listen to the PolBlogcast: Is Virtual Solidarity Enough?
(About 11 minutes)


1) To answer the survey
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