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niedziela, września 25, 2005

PolBlogcast: Poland Votes - A Local View

PolBlogcast: Poland Votes - A Local View

Another PolBlogcast

In this special Election Day PolBlogcast, we hear how a day at the Polls went for a local Pole, our very own Maria. She managed to snap some photos to give a sense of place and crowd. This is a short report.

Local Polling Station in Warsaw
Sunday After 5pm.

Looked like a moderate turnout, quite a few older folk. It's important to keep in mind that the bulk of voters would have probably come after Sunday Mass earlier in the day.

Quite a few 'silver heads' voting

An important civic duty:
A little divine intervention doesn't hurt -
A nun votes.

As always, we invite your comments about the Election in Poland today. Did you vote? Why or why not? Earlier this week we interviewed a London journalist based in Warsaw. He gave us a sense of what's at stake for Poland in this election. It seems that the biggest issue for many is voting out corruption. We welcome feedback.

PolBlogcast: Poland Votes - A Local View
(5 Minutes)

Who did you vote for?

Listen to our previous PolBlogcast Interview
Special Election Edition: Polish Political Beat (Interview)
(11 minutes)

Links mentioned in this PolBlogcast:

1) the beatroot

2) Official German election results (German Embassy in London)

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