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środa, marca 23, 2005

Barroso in Poland - Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom, or at least 25

Barroso in Poland - Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom, or at least 25

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In from IHT Online:

The political usefulness of distinguishing "Old Europe" from "New Europe" seems to have run its course at long last. But a more concrete divide persists between old economic Europe and new economic Europe - one that is becoming starker by the day.

In its most basic form, this divide separates Europeans who are actively embracing a market-based economy from those who cling to a heavy-handed brand of regulation for trade, labor, farming, and competition, with the added baggage of big state-owned businesses.

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Sharp EU division arises on services

Cleavages now run along economic faultlines -- you can see odd bedfellows today - some countries in the Old Europe are even more resistant to economic policy change than New EU Club member states. Poland is a bit schizo, while reform minded (in order to be more competitive), it also supports trade barriers in the agricultural sector. The assumed link between free-markets and increased quality of life is not so apparent anymore (was it ever more than just an ideology?). Some EU countries with very liberal economies rank low on the quality of life index . The new EU members seem to be even more reformist and liberal than Old Europe members.

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