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środa, września 28, 2005

PolBlogcast: Post Election Warsaw - Morning in Poland?

PolBlogcast: Post Election Warsaw - Morning in Poland?

Another PolBlogcast

In our latest PolBlogcast we seek out multiple views regarding the elections in Poland this past weekend. We listened as an impassioned young Pole from Łódż spoke of the quasi-religious duty she feels about her vote. Agata was very disappointed by the low voter turnout (about 40%) and characterized the activity of voting as a secular 'religious' duty for all. Ironically, Agata claimed that she wasn't religious, even though the account she gives of her election weekend travel had all the overtones of a pilgrimage.

"See no evil..."
SAMOOBRONA not a serious contender this round.

Our next interviewee, Peter, works as a diplomat at the Brazilian Embassy in Warsaw. His view was, well, rather diplomatic -- balanced, cool, calm, and collected. He proclaimed that with post-communist parties losing ground, it is a good day for democracy in Poland. As for the unemployed, Peter wasn't as triumphalistic, they still have tough times ahead, he is sympathetic to the more pro-business program of Civic Platform. As for relations with Russia, Peter predicts an emboldened voice reaching the Kremlim from Warsaw.

"Speak no evil..."
SLD did better than expected

Last but not least, the beatroot's Peter Gentle provides a concise and well informed picture of things to come. For example, he forsees some interesting times ahead for relations with Russia and Belarus. Additionally, the Kaczyński twins supply endless conjecture for pundits. For example, should Lech win the presidency next month (a long shot according to Peter), his brother would step down as Prime Minister (assuming he would be supported) -- paving the way for Jan Rokita. Gentle gave the MSM good marks with respect to its coverage of the elections and gave kudos to a fellow Poland blogger operating the Warsaw Station blog.

Will Lech's Party tear itself apart?

As usual, we invite your comments about the content and opinions expressed in this PolBlogcast. Don't be a stranger and we won't either.

PolBlogcast: Post Election Warsaw - Morning in Poland?
(17 minutes - 3 interviews)

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At 28.9.05, Blogger Gustav said...

Yes, it was a little long, but interesting. Keep the podcasts going. I plan to listen much more.

And thanks to Peter Gentle for the plug!


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