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niedziela, października 09, 2005

Gdzie to jest? / Where is it?

Gdzie to jest? / Where is it?

Does it look familiar to you? Play our guessing game!

Who, What & Where is it?
...and why!?!

Guess where - in Warsaw - was this photo taken, and what IS that guy's problem, anyway...

Use the "comment" feature to publish your answer.

The first correct one will be displayed as a caption, together with author's e-name: glory to the winner! Please include the country/city/district you are writing from....

You have one week.

The fourth edition of our contest remained unsolved - at least on the blog. We got some correct responses from people in our mailboxes, but none of them left their answer in the comment section here. And that is where it should be published in order to count. Sorry guys. Next time: it's the small link below each post, right hand corner. Looks more or less like that:
So, where do you think it is?

ANSWER: inside the escalator from "Trasa W-Z" up to the Old Town.

looks familiar?

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At 9.10.05, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

general grot w alejach ujazdowskich?
ale dziwnie wyglada

At 9.10.05, Blogger Rostkowianka said...

sorry, try again

At 10.10.05, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

sapper statue next to Vistula river on Solec

At 10.10.05, Anonymous ivanami said...

This is Sapper's monument near Solec street by the shore of Vistula river.


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