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czwartek, października 13, 2005

Video Kiosk: "In the Works" - Flurry of Public Work Projects Noted in Warsaw

Video Kiosk: "In the Works" - Flurry of Public Work Projects Noted in Warsaw

PolBlog Video Kiosk

In this Video Kiosk we document some developments in our neck of the woods. Our local park in Grochów, was very much a work-in-progress as we strolled around the not yet ready for prime time bike trails, baby stroller lanes, and pedestrian paths. That didn't stop the locals (like ourselves) from enjoying a beautiful Fall day in the park. We caught a few Public Works officers in action as they worked.

Golden Polish Fall (Złota Polska Jesień)

Is it us or is there a conspicuous increase in the number of city beautification projects afoot? In the past two weeks we have noticed several sidewalk improvement projects throughout the Praga District. Wearing our cynical hats we see these as public relation ploys by politicians to garner votes. On the other hand, there are rumors that fresh piles of EU cash have come in earmarked for such activities. Does it matter, really? There is such a need to fight the entropy that is vandalism and innocuous, but incessant, daily wear and tear that it's hard to object to such tangibles.

Kids (young and at heart) having fun with new equipment

Have you noticed an increase of sidewalk renovations around your neighborhhod? Would you prefer more work done on roads instead?

The local tennis club

It ain't the French Open, but it's clay!

A bit of history in the park -
HQ's of the battle of
Olszynka Grochowska (1831)

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions...Do you think Warsaw is doing enough in terms of local infrastructure? What's the most important issue in your district?

PolBlog Video Kiosk: "In the Works" -
Flurry of Public Work Projects in Warsaw
(2 min)

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