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piątek, lutego 23, 2007

Polbloglet: Fat Thursday!

Polbloglet: Fat Thursday!

"Polish Doughnuts" by Polska*ポーランド*Poland

For at least one moment in the dark days of winter, life is sweet in Poland. Marking the last Thursday before Lent, Tłusty czwartek (or, Fat Thursday) is a day of over-indulgence in sweets.

This past Thursday, in scenes disturbingly reminiscent of Communist days, the local sweet shops and bakeries were full of people, lining up to get their hands on the source of sweetness and symbol of this special day - the traditional Polish doughnut, or pączki. Unfortunately, by lunch break, our local bakery was sold out already!

Typical sight in Poland on Fat Thursday, Wikipedia

Interestingly, each country has its own way of marking the last day before Lent: in Greece, instead of sweets, they eat loads of meat on Tsiknopempti. In Latin and South America, they celebrate in a more dynamic way with the Carnival.

How does your country mark the start of Lent? Do you sit in a sweet shop and gorge yourself on baker's delights or do you take to the streets?

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At 7.7.07, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

i love those!!!!

At 22.9.07, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

I love too but . dont worry about it. I seem foto form usa ...pączki did like dishes :)


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