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poniedziałek, maja 30, 2005

The French Vote and Poland

The French Vote and Poland

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The critical mass in Poland is clearly at odds with the view of European government institutions represented by Chirac and Schroeder. All of the leading parties in the polls here for the October election are non-socialist and pro-market. While a recent poll here shows Poles supporting the EU Constituton, it is difficult to separate that confidence from their general approval of EU membership so far. The policies likely to be pushed by a Social-Democratic alliance in Brussels will be unpopular in Poland as rejection of the recent Services liberalization policy illustrated.

The movement in EU politics away from the federalists to those with a more modest Brussels agenda will be entirely consistent with the views of the new Polish Government, if not the current one.

Watch over the next months for a more vocal Poland aligned with the former Brussels outsiders, critical of the French and German direction for the EU. This will occur along with the simultaneous erosion of Chirac and Schroder in their own political environments.

Many of us are, obviously, not upset with the changes......

Randy Mott


At 30.5.05, Blogger ~JS said...

You say 'critical mass' in Poland, and this is in fact critical to the conclusion you draw (re: Poland leaning to pro-market). Does critical here mean a majority, or a very loud minority, or a very well organized and connected minority? In a recent editorial in the Warsaw Business Journal it was claimed that: "Six of the European Union's poorest regions are situated in Poland. There are several Polish cites where the jobless total exceeds 40 percent." My point, and the point of the WBJ article, is that Warsaw is not Poland. And you may very well see this as Populists warm up their rhetoric...but there is a reality there. Are we Warsawcentric in our views?


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