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wtorek, kwietnia 05, 2005

Pope John Paul II (from Poland) - The First Pope Doctores Ecclesiae in almost 1,500 years?

Pope John Paul II (from Poland) - The First Pope Doctores Ecclesiae in almost 1,500 years?

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Pope John Paul The Great? Posted by Hello

In the last 1,500 years of the Catholic Church, there have only been 2 Pope's whom have been honored with this title (ST GREGORY THE GREAT and ST LEO THE GREAT ).

Only Papal authority can proclaim a Doctor of the Church.

There are therefore now [1997] thirty-three Doctors of the Church, of whom eight are Eastern and twenty-four Western. They include two Carmelites, two Jesuits, three Dominicans, three Franciscans, a Redemptorist, and five Benedictines. For some of these the Office had previously been granted to certain places or orders--St. Peter Damian to the Camaldolese, St. Isidore to Spain, St. Bede to England and to all Benedictines. St. Leander of Seville and St. Fulgentius are kept as Doctors in Spain, and the former by Benedictines also, as he was in earlier times claimed as a monk. St. Ildephonsus has the Introit "In medio" in the same order (for the same reason) and in Spain without the rank of Doctor.

Info on the Churches in Central and Eastern Europe -- here

CNS STORY: Church officials reject making late pope an instant saint: "Church officials reject making late pope an instant saint"

Pope JP II would certainly be a top candidate. According to official doctrines, the title Doctor of the Church requires 3 main criteria be met -- "The requisite conditions are enumerated as three: eminens doctrina, insignis vitae sanctitas, Ecclesiae declaratio (i.e. eminent learning, a high degree of sanctity, and proclamation by the Church)." It's not clear to me, but a huge hurdle (though not in this case for many) is that the candidate be an official Saint of the Church.

In your opinion, does Pope JPII have what it takes to be a Church Doctor?

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