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piątek, kwietnia 01, 2005

Into Sainthood...Vigil for Pope throughout Poland - Hope and Sadness

Into Sainthood...Vigil for Pope throughout Poland - Hope and Sadness

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Pope John Paul appeared close to death on Friday after heart failure, the Vatican said, sparking an outpouring of emotion and anxiety around the Roman Catholic world.

Spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said the 84-year-old Pope had received the ‘‘Holy Viaticum’’ communion, reserved for those near death, and had told his aides he did not want to return to hospital for treatment.

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UPDATE: Poles throughout Poland are gathering in public squares and churches for prayer. For example in Krakow, people gathered at around 5am in front of Archbishop's residence and began praying. On the TV news there are reports of prayer for the Pope going on in Mosques and Synagogues around Warsaw.

The Pope is refusing to go to the hospital according to TVP1 reporting from the Vatican. He appears to have very good medical care at the Vatican (and a move to the hospital would be superfluous).

"The growth of the Internet in recent years provides an unprecedented opportunity for expanding the Church's missionary outreach, since it has become a primary source of information and communication for so many of our contemporaries, especially the young" ~Pope JPII (February 21, 2003)

UPDATE [4/3/05]: A good informational blog about the Pope - here

UPDATE [4/4/05]: Link to NYT article (Pope's obit)

UPDATE [4/4/05]: According to The Global Language Monitor, Record 35,000 news reports on Pope -- "More than 3.5 Million Internet Citations & 35,000 Major New Stories in First 24 Hours; Words most frequently associated: Historic, Conservative, and Beloved"

I saw the Pope in Philadelphia, Pa (USA) many, many years ago when I was a kid. He drove around the Cathedral, the scene was parade-like and electric. With the Terri Schiavo affair still so fresh (she died yesterday), I cannot help but make comparisons. For example, like the Schiavo affair, there are conflicting reports about the condition of the Pope -- the internet news media I read are all painting a dark picture, while Vatican sources (connection is slow) deny that the Pope is in the final throes. A huge contrast in the two situations is the Pope's reported refusal to be sent to the hospital (and therefore hooked up to machines). Is this really the Pope's decision - as some reports say he is in a coma? Regardless, the phrase 'death with dignity' appears a bit more accurate in the Pope's case than in Terry S.'s May they both rest in peace.

From all the stories, Poles are not as ready for death as the Pope himself. Many prayers are for his health, while the Pope is sending signals that he has accepted death. But this view is not the full picture either as I heard that today it was observed that, for example, along the Royal Road in Warsaw, the churches were not packed with devotees - in fact, they were rather empty. This could be due to the fact that it is still a work day for many, or the Polish media is exaggerating the concern and interest. Either way, this is an important moment for Poland, and the world in general. In general, the mood of the news reporting here in Poland is subdued.

Please, share your reactions to the Pope's death.

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