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piątek, kwietnia 22, 2005

Mittal rejects 'unreasonable demands' of Polish steel unions

Mittal rejects 'unreasonable demands' of Polish steel unions

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"WARSAW (AFP) - Mittal Steel Company has rejected demands made by Polish unions at the Czestochowa steel mill, which the global steel giant said were the sole obstacle to its acquisition of the steel works in southern Poland."
"After six weeks of negotiations, the trade unions are still insisting upon a privatisation bonus of 7500 zlotys (1,800 euros, 2,500 dollars), minimum 15 years of employment guarantee and 500 zlotys increase of the average salary in the company," Mittal said in a statement on Thursday.

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While I don't know the exact salary of steel mill workers, I imagine it would be an average salary for Poland, maybe a little lower. I see unions as a useful thing to have around in certain circumstances, but also under the wrong management, an organization looking for a way to make more money as well with little concern for the workers wants. The company is offering the workers a bonus of 2500 Zl and an pay raise of 150 Zl. That to me sounds reasonable for the empoyees of a company that will be out of work if they don't find a solution. Also the 10 year guarantee on the jobs of the employees over 55 seems very generous. I would expect most companies to be looking for ways to eliminate such employees.

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