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poniedziałek, czerwca 13, 2005

City craft in Poland

City craft in Poland

News Poland
In from Deccan Herald

Two women from Karnataka will be exhibiting products made by underprivileged women at a trade fair in Poland.

A trade exhibition, ‘India Initiative 2005’, is being held between June 16 and 18 in Warsaw, Poland. Only two women make up the delegation from Karnataka at this trade fair. Entrepreneurs Roopa Ravindran and Leela Sudhakar have made a career out of their artistic abilities and help underprivileged women.

They will be exhibiting their products in Poland with an aim to increase their export orders.

Candles, ceramic arts, Tanjore paintings, teracotta and stained glass artifacts are part of Roopa’s exhibits. She has conducted workshops in Gulbarga, Hubli and Dharwad to help underprivileged women gain financial security."

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This looks like an event that could be interesting. The cynic in me wonders if these women are being helped or exploited and made to think they are being helped, but I will keep a positive outlook. It is interesting to hear of such a relationship between Poland and India.


At 14.6.05, Anonymous Anonimowy said...

Yes, is consumerism the answer...


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