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piątek, czerwca 10, 2005

The 'NOs' Know Best?

The 'NOs' Know Best?

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Survey Review

Our (un)scientific survey concludes on a semi-positive note. With the majority (over 50%) indicating a positive attitude toward the EU Constitution. But the Euroskeptics were not far behind, with just under half of respondents supporting a France and the 'NO' vote on the EU Constitution.

The Results:

How does France's rejection of the EU constitution effect you? Pick the strongest answer for you...

I agree with the French! 23% 5
They are just angry with Chirac, not the EU Constitution. 36% 8
I disagree with the French! 0% 0
I agree with the French and will vote them same way. 23% 5
I will vote yes for the EU Constitution 18% 4

22 votes total

In other reports, Poles seem to be following French and Dutch voters. However, another interpretation is available. Emboldened by the 'no' vote, many Poles will voice their genuine opinion about the EU project now that it seems 'ok' to vote against the Constitution. Now that Poland cannot be seen as the spoiler, many here won't worry about what the 'politically correct' thing to do is. The best thing to do here is keep things in perspective. France and the Netherlands are not Europe. It will be interesting to see how a Polish 'no' will play in Paris.

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