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środa, czerwca 01, 2005

Nietzsche: 'God is Dead' - Netherlands (et al.): 'Europe is Dead'

Nietzsche: 'God is Dead' - Netherlands (et al.): 'Europe is Dead'

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In from CNN:

Voters in the Netherlands have rejected the proposed European Union constitution by 63 percent to 37 percent, according to an exit poll broadcast by Dutch NOS television.

The turnout in Wednesday's vote was 62 percent, exceeding all expectations, the state-financed broadcaster said.

The Dutch rejection is seen as a body blow to the 25-nation bloc after France voted "No" to the EU treaty on Sunday.

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Just as the bystanders in the market-place smirked in amusement at Nietzsche's madman as he ran around in broad daylight holding a lantern and asking where God is (for they no longer believed in God), voters in Europe can expect to be approached by their politicians and asked what they have done to Europe. Of course, the governments know exactly what has been done -- Europe has been killed, and they have killed it. But as the story goes, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. For, in its current form, the EU has encouraged the illusion that there are particular truths (promoted as universal) that all must accept. So like God (as construed then), Europe as currently conceived is dead -- which actually translates as meaning, not Europe per se, but the current understanding of Europe is dead. The idiom about a baby and bathwater comes to mind here. The madman was last seen heading East of the Elbe, next stop, Poland?

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At 3.6.05, Blogger Adam said...

Maybe it's time to start talking about what Europe is supposed to be. My imprssion is that the elites of the European countries have some sort of agenda, varing in each country, what they want Europe to become. However, they don't want to say what their aim is for fear of rejection. It is the strategy of enforcing some steps that would change reality and then building on this new reality. That was the case with euro. Euro wasn't just about economy or another currency. It was a step towards federation perhaps. But the debate was only about economic implications. Why? What's wrong with discussing the issue?
Now the French and the Dutch said they want to have their say in what's happening. So there is no point in doing anything through the back door or it may back fire. I think it's time to decide what Europeans want Europe to become.


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