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piątek, czerwca 17, 2005

The Pitch, The Money: How to Spend it?

The Pitch, The Money: How to Spend it?

News Poland
By Wojciech Rogacin

The story started back in 2003 when the council of Wola district in Warsaw promised to build a new sports field (pitch) on the grounds at the 63 primary school. Everyone was happy: schoolchildren, their parents and teachers. A modern, open pitch in a poor district was something that could turn many young people from a bottle of beer to sport.

Months passed and they did nothing on the ground. So a year later parents and teachers started to ask the council: where's our pitch? what about your promises? The answer was: the council is short of money and you can now forget having a new pitch.

That meant that children would have continue to play on the old, dusty ground which reminds one more of communist times than the piece of playground at the capital city of one of the EU countries.

Well, the council gave in to the financial crisis but parents continued their fight for the pitch. Last thursday they launched the Association of Friends of the 63 School in Warsaw and they are sure: we will eventually manage to build the pitch. They are going to do the project and formally apply for the EU funds on the playground.

The story is not ended yet but as I see people's desire to make the succes with the project I can be nearly sure they will achieve their goal.

This is positive story about people's pro-activeness. I wonder if it is not the exception? As I read in the newspapers Poland wasn't able to use all the funds that came to the country from the EU in 2004. And now, when there is the battle in Brussels over the next allocation of funds for Poland, I am wondering whether we will be able to spend the money? How many such active people like parents from the 63 school there are in Warsaw and Poland?

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