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czwartek, lipca 07, 2005

Poles Experience Terror Abroad

Poles Experience Terror Abroad

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in from CNN:

Marcin Stefanski was in the carriage next to the one which exploded. He said he saw bodies piled in the blast-strewn wreckage.

He told PA: "I just experienced a huge explosion and the glass hitting me in my back. People started screaming around me, there was glass everywhere, we couldn't breathe, there was no way to get off the train."

Stefanski, a 24-year-old student who recently moved to the UK from Poland, was among many passengers covered in soot and coughed repeatedly as he relived his experience.

"I was in the front of the first carriage and there was a huge, massive hole in the carriage.

"As I went past the second carriage I could just see the bodies lying all over the floor."

Full story: CNN.com - Witnesses tell of subway horror - Jul 7, 2005

View: The Poles I spoke with today (Warsaw) are more on edge and concerned about terrorism coming to their doorsteps. One of them blamed this on support for USA in Iraq. Another was sure that Poland is too poor to be a target, and wondered if the terrorists actually knew where Poland was. Several knew people in London, they didn't know their condition at this time. It's ashame this had to happen, and a day after London won the Olympic bid -- Now more than ever, the EU must find the will to press on with the integration process.

**Editor's Note: Wikipedia has an entry about the 7/7/2005 London Bombings.

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