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czwartek, czerwca 30, 2005

PolBloglet: Is the EU better for Polish Women? Socially Tak, Economically Nie

PolBloglet: Is the EU better for Polish Women? Socially Tak, Economically Nie

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The EU accession process has had both positive and negative effects on the situation of Polish women. On the one hand, adjustments to the Polish economy that were required by the EU had a negative impact on the economic position of many Polish women. At the same time, other EU requirements ‘forced’ the Polish government to place a greater emphasis on social policy and not just on economic development. Consequently, the EU requirements have given women new tools they can use to fightfor their social and economic rights.

Source: Karat Coalition Report (NOTE: This is a PDF file...small). Link to Karat Coalition Home page.

EU men are earning on average a 20 percent higher salary than women, according to a Manpower Study made in cooperation with Barcelona university.

The gap is the widest in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK - between 26 and 23 percent - while in Spain, Portugal and Ireland the difference is around 20 percent.

According to recent findings from the EU's own statistical agency, Eurostat, EU women earn 25 percent less than men.

Source: EUobserver.com: "EU men earn 20 percent more than women"


At 30.6.05, Anonymous Dorota said...

hahaha, 20%!! I will be glad receiving 20% less than men in EU. In Poland we should pay like in EU, but we are paid like...in Poland, and it is much less than 80% of European salaries!!

At 1.7.05, Blogger ~JS said...

Actually, some reports indicate that Polish women are doing better than Polish men when compared to EU...

At 1.7.05, Blogger ~JS said...

You can read a very through report specificaly about Polish women, here ... just copy and pasta into your browser ---> www.karat.org/eu_and_economy/gender_assessments.html

For example the report says that Polish women often take jobs that they are over qualified for...and, " Polish society was ill prepared for extensive socio-economic transformation which consequently led to the downward mobility of large proportion of society. It also led to the monumental increase of the gap between the wealthy and the poor. For example the free market economy pushed the poorest groups of women with lowest level of education outside the labour market. Women in their 40s and 50s who were used to stable full-time employment also found themselves in very difficult situation, since loss of employment for most of them meant never being employed again. The already disadvantaged position of women in the labour market is strengthen by the wage gap responsible for the disadvantaged economic situation of women. The best wages are rarely earned by women and in fact women are over represented in jobs receiving lower wages."


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