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poniedziałek, czerwca 20, 2005

A Bunch of Egocrats: PM Belka Wants Poland to Take the High Ground

A Bunch of Egocrats: PM Belka Wants Poland to Take the High Ground

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In from Focus News:

The Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka expressed his disappointment from the fact that the EU didn’t reach an agreement for the budget 2007-2013 that according to him was due to egoism of the wealthy country members...He expressed his hope that these countries will get to a compromise decision in the next 6 months.

Rival views on EU are out in the open: "[T]wo rival views about the future of Europe, with Britain leading one camp and Poland leading another "

This story requires no introduction as it is all over the European media. Interesting strategy by Poland; willing to take payment cuts from the EU. But Blair rejected this gesture. Poland is (was) poised to gain about 81 billion Euros for regional and agricultural needs this budget cycle. If it's delayed then the pie will be sliced thinner because of the newer candidates Bulgaria and Romania (and Turkey). Poland can't afford to stay angry at the UK since it is one of only 2-3 other EU countries that accept its workers. How will this effect Poland's enthusiasm for Ukraine or Turkey joining the club? To many Poles it will seem hypocritical of the likes of France and Britain to protect their national interests when these countries (and Poland's own politicians!) used EU solidarity and good will to convince Poland to say 'yes' to the EU in the first place. Well, the more things change the more they stay the same. But who looks greedy now?

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