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piątek, czerwca 24, 2005

Poland less Anti-American (or Anti-Bush?) than Most in EU

Poland less Anti-American (or Anti-Bush?) than Most in EU

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reported from EUobserver.com:

Anti-Americanism in Europe, provoked by the Iraqi war in 2003, remains high,with the exception of Poland and the UK, a new survey has shown.

Europeans want more autonomy and independence from the US, and a majority of French, German and Spaniards think the US does not take into consideration other countries' interests, according to a poll by the international Pew Global Attitudes project.

By contrast, Americans favour a close partnership with Western Europe. Sixty-six percent feel the US and Western Europe should remain as close as in the past.

EUobserver.com: "Anti-Americanism in Europe, provoked by the Iraqi war in 2003, remains high, with the exception of Poland and the UK, a new survey has shown. "

Some interesting results between Germany and France --> HERE

It's important to provide a global context just in case the navel-gazing EU-club thinks EU equals world opinion. America's image globally has risen a bit. This study was conducetd a couple months ago (prior to the EU constitution votes in France and Netherlands), according to the Pew Study, 62% of Poles, and 55% of Brits hold a favorable opinion of USA, as (predictably) compared with 43% and 41% in France and Germany, respectively. Of note, almost 13% of Germans and 15% of Poles thought that Jews had the most influence on USA relations with other countries (the highest in Europe, 60% of Jordanians thought Jews controlled US foreign policy). Interestingly, 70% of Americans think that in general they are too greedy compared with 31% of French. While over 60% of French think USA is too religious, only 6% of Poles do (over 50% of Americans think they aren't religious enough - a result which is in line with Muslim perceptions of USA). So, where does the truth lie? Is truth perception?

Living here in Poland, I wonder why Poles have a favorable attitude toward USA? I talk to Poles on a daily basis and many don't have such a favorable attitude. It's interesting to note that most of the EU thinks USA doesn't take other countries' interests under consideration when deciding foreign policy. Living in Euro-land, you would think that Europe is the only 'civilization' that matters - all the talk about crises and media coverage about the EU problems. The EU seems a bit self-important, and the recent problems it has had with constitution voting reveals a need to clean up its own backyard before pointing fingers. Perhaps the easiest thing to do when internal cleavages appear is to focus on something outside - like Bush. EU complains that USA is too powerful, yet all the while one of its own goals is to create a super-power to rival.

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